Bautama Masterplan

Central Province, Papua New Guinea


Bautama masterplan is a city development that was first commenced in 1997 with the creation of the Magi highway. This road links Port Moresby with the central provinces of Papua New Guinea. The site for the masterplan has been left relatively untouched since then, apart from a police station, district office and some staff housing. As part of PNG's 2030 vision, the government has planned a new city, and the implementation of this masterplan is the initial step in achieving this.

The development spans the high and low-lying areas of the town. Whilst accommodation and leisure facilities take advantage of hills and the views afforded to them, the lower sites contain essential civic and economic programs which allow the town to function. To provide a framework for the different programs to function alongside each other, a series of bands follow the topography of the site, flowing between the different hills. This way, the extremities of the town are connected and flow into one another.

To the North lies an entertainment and retail zone. Key facilities such as a cinema and retail boulevard look outward onto the Magi Highway, advertising the development and signalling that guests are welcome. At the South of the site, a Medical and sports zone add community programs and a medical college.

Exposing the beauty of the surrounding landscape was one of the key drivers for the design, and no place is this more evident than in the eco-resort. The addition of this program provides hospitality and lodgings to the city and surrounding area, providing visitors with a base to explore. From its vantage point atop a hill, lodges cascade down from a pool and amenities area, providing luxury rooms and endless views of the landscape to the horizon.