Shanghai, China


Mini-Me is a futuristic laboratory specialised in the creation of miniature figurines from 3d body scans.  The design combines different elements required for the scanning process with vertical proportioned display cases to create a ‘digital forest’ through which visitors can explore.
Guests pass through an illuminated archway to enter the scheme, greeted by technicians operating the scanner, visible from monitors that advertise the attraction. The informality of the space invites people inside, and the scanner’s exposure informs visitors of the process and encourages them to participate. Surrounding the scanner are walls with signage that provides backdrops for social content creation.

The scanning process takes place in the centre of the space marked out by a hexagonal lightbox built into the floor. The implementation of this process drew inspiration from time travel and science fiction moves from the ’80s. However, in those storylines, it is rarely a straightforward procedure. Here, customers can relax safely, knowing that they will have their miniature figure delivered to their home once complete.