The Selfie Gallery

The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong


The Selfie Gallery is an interactive café and gelateria at The Peak Tower in Hong Kong. The project seeks to engage visitors in the creation of shareable content of themselves, the gallery, and the products on sale; which include colourful ice-creams and selfie-printed coffees. To do this, a series of themed interventions were introduced around the gallery to create suggestive photo opportunities that allow visitors to unlock their creativity.
Two Galleries

The project is split into two areas; a minimalist White Gallery and a deconstructed Ice-Cream room, joined by a pixellated partition. The White Gallery centres around an oversized Coffee Cup that spill out liquid onto the floor, reflecting colourful neons within the space. The Deconstructed Ice-Cream Room features an upside-down strawberry Ice Cream Cone set in a bed of macaroons, finished with sprinkles. The materiality of the room plays on the theming further, with waffle walls and a sprinkle- cast resin floor.  

The walls of the gallery act as a canvas for photo backdrops with multiple textures and lighting throughout the space. These range from controlled lightboxes to the re-appropriation of everyday objects and large scale representation of materials.  The result is a varied scenography that immerses guests in the cafe and invites them to explore their creativity.
The Selfie Gallery capitalises on a trend of spaces that appeal to a young media-savvy audience; one that prioritises experiences and creation of social media. While the physical space provides a dynamic experience in person, the project links forward to social channels to offer an alternate arena to experience the project and in doing so, takes advantage of opportunities for free marketing and promotion.