Speedway is a VR F1 Simulator at an international Tourist Attraction in Beijing, China. The project seeks to immerse visitors in the middle of Race Day by introducing elements of Formula One and combining with a café. The combination of these elements crate a stopping point where gamers can have fun driving at their favorite track and spectators can watch the action. The result is an immersive environment that everyone can enjoy.

Type Retail, Interior
Location Beijing, China
Status Completed, June 2019
Program Cafe & VR Simulator
Scale 75m2
Consultants Simworx – VR Simulation
Team Danny Dobson, Anna Pierotello

The project lies within a circulation loop that journeys through other zones and a mesh wall allows glimpses of the project upon arrival from the elevator whilst maintaining a big reveal for later. The floorplan is split into 2 areas; a cafe, and a grandstand. Central to the project is the VR machine, a life-size replica of a 2017 Ferrari F1 car integrated with technology to control the simulation. An immersive environment is achieved by the integration of full height video walls that stream the action of the VR simulation in real-time, transporting guests to any one of the 21 current global locations for races.

The 2 areas are joined together by a lighting rig which over-sails the scheme, both illuminating the project and tying together the two halves in a grandstand aesthetic. Textures and spotlighting add to the aesthetic creating a series of spaces with different backdrops to aid in the creation of social content and to define homes for waxworks of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Simple branding and signage offer an interesting yet cost effective treatment on the floor with checkerboard and chevrons defining areas and tying into the racing aesthetic.